Mediator StonehamWe offer mediation services to help you reach agreements on divorce, modification, paternity, and
other family law matters.

Mediation services are provided on an impartial basis, and the role of a mediator is to facilitate good communication while understanding and listening to each person's opinions and needs.

The following are important advantages of mediation:

- You save money (less expensive than litigation with attorneys);
- You discuss issues in a comfortable setting rather than a crowded courtroom; and
- You communicate and participate to determine the outcome of your divorce.

Is divorce mediation right for you?

The answer is "yes" if:

- You and your spouse are both willing to cooperate in a structured negotiation with the assistance of an impartial mediator;
- You and your spouse will provide full disclosure of your income, assets, debts, and liabilities; and
- You and your spouse want to reach a fair and lasting agreement.

Through mediation, Johanna Gatta can help you address and resolve the following: child custody, parenting plan, alimony and child support, college and other expenses, medical insurance and expenses, life insurance, property division, debts and credit cards, and any other concerns.

Attorney Johanna Gatta has completed the necessary courses and training to provide mediation
services, and she is a member of the Massachusetts Council of Family Mediation.

A cost-effective way to resolve your differences and divorce in Massachusetts.
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